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Networking on Social Media Works

The 140:  Social networking has helped me grow professionally. 

The hash#:  #reachout.

As a former lawyer for a state agency, I never had to worry about bringing in business. It was there in spades. I had a good LinkedIn network, many Facebook friends and twitter followers. But meeting up with those folks was not something I had time for. It was frowned upon,  because it took away from the time you had to devote to tasks.
In the last few months, I reached out to many folks in my networks. I shared about myself and what I thought I could do to help them. I found out how they could help me. I asked for help I went to tweetups. I met twitter followers.  I sent notes to people expressing interest in their projects. I volunteered to guest post on their blogs. I started my own blog. And now I have a new opportunity, network members who are now new colleagues, and followers who are friends. And some Facebook friends are more deeply rooted in my life, adding value to my life every day. I am more confident in my networking and will gladly meet for lunch or coffee. So the key for me in adding value to my social network is to take it into the network of reality. Be bold. Say “let’s meet up” and have a fun and engaging time hearing about the person, the work they are doing and their mission in doing it. Brainstorm. As more professionals strike out on their own, you will be surprised at how open and responsive folks can be.

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