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The Law Consists of Words

The law is just a part of my identity

Julie Meadows-Keefe



The law is just a bunch of words. Many many words.


Do you doubt that a lawyer can communicate in 140 characters or less? I can. I challenge myself to do this daily.  You can follow me on twitter at esq140. I am keep this blog because 140 characters isn’t enough to develop a truly meaningful discussion.  Twitter is a spark to get things started.

I’m a lawyer with a passion for communication and education.  I like talking to people about interesting things which may or may not relate directly to the law.

I graduated law school in 1993.  I have seen the evolution of law practice, and, indeed, our lives during this time.  It is hard now to imagine our lives without today’s technology.  The speed of developments challenges us to keep up and understand the legal challenges in our wired environments.

My aim in keeping this blog is to educate and entertain both the lawyer and non-lawyer about the intersection (and I might say collision) between techonolgy and the law. Technology has also impacted the practice of medicine.  This is a topic of great interest to me.

My first job in a law firm….

In 1997, my first job out of law school was representing doctors, hospitals and clinics in malpractice cases.  I was 24 years old and just starting my career.  It made a lasting impression because almost without exception, all of the providers I became involved with representing were gifted and dedicated professionals who, in spite of their best efforts, treated a patient who had a bad result.  It’s now 2012 and since then, I have had a wide and varied career, but I have never been far from health care and health care providers.  What I have seen since 1997 is that the health care delivery system has been increasingly burdened by regulation and increased pressure on health care providers to treat more patients more efficiently and for less money.   The regulatory environment is in a state of flux.  My interactions with providers have revealed again and again that they are feeling pressure, stress and frustration trying to keep up with it all.  My objective for this blog is to engage and educate health care providers on legal developments affecting providers to keep providers profitable, productive and compliant.

And the requisite disclaimers:

Although many posts on this blog may discuss the law, please do not construe anything in this blog as legal advice.  Your reading of this blog does not constitute legal advice.  Your comment and any response I provide is not legal advice.  This blog is for information, education and entertainment only.  If you want the law applied to your specific set of facts, please hire an attorney and form an attorney client relationship with that individual.  The opinions and views expressed on this blog are mine and mine alone and do not represent the views of anyone with whom I may practice.

Again, nothing on this blog should be construed as legal advice.  For legal advice, please contact an attorney licensed in your jurisdiction.  If you comment and I respond, you should not consider it legal advice.

The material on this blog is copyrighted under the author’s legal name.

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Enjoy learning with me about the law.

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