What Do You Learn from a Hurricane?

Tallahassee just endured the “IRMA” experience. While our City was spared Irma’s full wrath (our impact was more like a temper tantrum), there is always impact to individuals in a hurricane forecast cone. I was born and raised in Florida. I’ve never lived outside of Florida. It is and hopefully always will be my home. I want to pass along some what I’ve learned from the uncertainty of living in a hurricane state that can be applied to many of life’s storms.
Be in a consistent state of preparation. This doesn’t mean paranoia. It does mean thinking about possible disasters. Don’t let your tanks (water, cash, gasoline, sleep, positive thoughts) get depleted.
Constantly evaluate and improve your responses to stress and crisis. Identify ways you can do better next time and implement them.
Inventory your blessings and consistently express gratitude.

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