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The Waiting Game

The 140: I’ve been waiting too long @ the Sprint Store

The hash#:  Startac=d no waiting

Many of us depend to an almost unhealthy level on our smartphones and other mobile connective devices.  I sometimes wish for my old Star-Tac Motorola phone with the gray and orange display screen.  It was solid, yet small and it always worked for making and receiving calls.  I don’t think I ever waited to have it repaired.  It was hard as a rock.  It also had a cool feature wherein you could flip the phone closed when you concluded and unpleasant conversation.  Not quite as satisfying as flipping them off in real life, but gratifying nonethless.  None of that with these smart and delicate phones,  They don’t like being yelled at.

 The More the Phone Does, the less it does better and the more you wait.

What I have noticed is that as the mobile phone has evolved to include more functionality, it has become something that often fails to simply be a phone. That has brought me this afternoon to my local Sprint Store.  While I could tweet, blog, facebook, linkedin, gmail from the phone, when a call comes in the system “fails” and I cannot even identify the phone number of the caller.  The phone calls out just fine,  but just not so hot on the receiving end.  On somewhat of a lark, I dropped into the store to see if I could get the system remedied quickly and easy.

 Wait…where are you taking my phone?

Hmm.  My phone has disappeared into the bowels of the building and I sit in this purgatory-like waiting room waiting for my phone to emerge from surgery.  I have somewhere to be at 2:30.  I have been here over an hour.  I should have known I was in for a wait when they insisted on “checking” me “in” like I was going to be staying in a Holiday Inn Express, but with less comfort. Of note, the Sprint store does not have a restroom and waiting patrons are told to go next door to “Bed Bath and Beyond” if they need that particular functionality.


In the meantime, I have seen people drift in and out in various stages of disorientation.  I see a display here in the showroom of phones that are “talk and text” only.  I’m tempted to get one just so I can make and receive mobile calls reliably.


We love our technology and get testy when it breaks.  Today,I am yearning for my 1990’s phone and blogging about it on my mobile laptop powered by my Verizon air card.  Sprint does not have free wi-fi for its waiting customers.

How do you feel about what you have read?  Leave a comment below and enjoy your day!

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